Bose Pro Portable PA Community Terms of Service

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  2. Topics shall be restricted to the discussion of tips, techniques and hints for Bose Professional Portable Systems use. Should you provide information, including feedback data such as questions, comments, suggestions or the like regarding the content of this website or any Bose document, product, technology, idea or service, such information shall be deemed to be nonconfidential and Bose shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to others without limitation. Further, Bose shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products incorporating such information.
  3. Appropriate language shall be used at all times. Foul or degrading language will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of posts, topics or member privileges. This includes using @$#%* between letters or in representation of foul language.
  4. Common courtesy is expected. Personal attacks on other forum members or Bose Staff will not be tolerated.
  5. Posts regarding the sale of equipment or services of any kind are not allowed and will be removed.
  6. Complaints regarding a post, topic or forum member should be sent to and will be evaluated per the rules of these forums.
  7. Moderators will not comment on Bose policy, employment or business issues, nor will they comment on release information of new products outside the information provided in the new product release press release.

Topics and/or posts that do not comply with the terms of use will be removed. Members repeatedly posting topics or posts that necessitate removal will have forum privileges suspended.

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