Bose Portable PA Community Guidelines

The mission of this online community is to provide a peer-to-peer channel for Bose product owners. The Bose Community team strives to foster the community with up to date information and fair moderation.

While our community is aimed at Bose customers and users, we welcome everyone with an interest in portable PA audio and sound to discuss tips, techniques, and hints for Bose Portable PA products use.

By using this site, you agree to observe these community rules:

Be respectful and constructive
Respect people's time and attention by asking well-thought-out questions and sharing what you've learned so far. Respect people as individuals by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive. Repetitive and/or excessively negative comments, calls for lawsuits, firing of employees, or targeted harassment will be edited or removed. Additionally, contents that users may find offensive or upsetting, including political or religious content, will be removed by the moderation team. Repeated violations will result in temporary suspension or permanent removal from the community.
Be relevant
Make sure your contributions are relevant to the mission of the community and topic where you post. Please do not post duplicate messages in different areas of the community to avoid fragmenting discussion. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation. Solicitations are rarely relevant and will be removed. If you have something you want members to join, participate in, or buy, ask us first. Each post is assessed on its own merit.

Topics shall be restricted to the discussion of tips, techniques, and hints for Bose Portable PA products use. Should you provide information, including feedback data such as questions, comments, suggestions or the like regarding the content of this website or any Bose document, product, technology, idea or service, such information shall be deemed to be nonconfidential and Bose shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to others without limitation. Further, Bose shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products incorporating such information.

Keep your word
Don't post anything that would violate any contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.
Protect privacy - yours and that of others
Don't share anything about yourself, your organization, or other people that you would not want to see on a road-side billboard. This includes products’ serial numbers. Also, don't post personal information -your own or anyone else's- including contact information, such as an email address or phone numbers, or any content you receive in private communications without the author's consent. Keep in mind that this includes transcripts and direct copies of private interactions with customer service agents.
No Buy or Sell
Posts regarding the purchase or sale of equipment or services of any kind are not allowed and will be removed.
User-generated Content
You'll find plenty of good advice here but remember that your situation or configuration may vary from other community members who share a solution. Some advice you find here may even be wrong. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.
The Bose Logo and Bose Employees and Representatives
You will notice that some community members have at- Bose next to their name - this means they are Bose employees and community moderators. Only authorized Bose moderators are allowed to use a Bose logo in their profile. To avoid confusion by other community members, only approved moderators are allowed to use "Bose" as part of their community username. Any impersonations of Bose employees or moderators will be removed.
Username Moderation
In addition to the above, any username that violates the Terms of Use will be subject to moderation by the Bose Community Team. This includes usernames that include profanity, obscene material, hate speech, bullying of another member of the community, or email addresses. If your name is found to include any of the above or is otherwise objectionable, it will be changed by a community moderator.
Moderation and interactions with Bose employees
We will not discuss any action taken against a member of the community, publicly or privately, with anyone but that member and ask that you do not either. Any post that mentions actions taken by a Bose Community Moderator will be removed and may result in disciplinary action. Additionally, any misrepresentation of an interaction or result of a conversation with a Bose employee is subject to removal. Keep in mind that every member circumstance is different and warranties vary by region.

Feedback & Ideas

We want this to be the best community it can possibly be - so let us know what you think, or how we can help improve your experience on the Bose Community by visiting our Forum To and From the Moderators.

Guideline violations

We want to ensure that the Community remains a friendly space so occasionally topic content will be moderated. This means anything from the editing of some posts or a friendly reminder of the Community guidelines, to temporary suspension or even account deactivation in case of repeated or severe violations of our guidelines. The consequences will be determined by the Community team on a case by case basis.

By using these forums, you agree to follow these rules as well as the full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for the Bose Community.
Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines. We hope you enjoy your stay on our Community and look forward to hearing from you.

The Community is provided as a courtesy to the Bose Portable PA products user community and Bose is not responsible for and does not endorse the contents. By viewing or posting to the Community, you agree to these restrictions. Bose reserves the right, in its sole discretion to edit, post, or reject any submissions.

Bose reserves the right to modify these Guidelines at any time without notice. Your continued use of this site serves as consent to and acceptance of any such modified terms.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, or to report abuse of forum privileges, please contact

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