Hello, in the help content "Simulating System Performance", it is said:

Before you begin with the Auditioner technology you should first make sure that the following has been performed:

  • The Auditioner Playback System is connected and powered on.

  • Source material is loaded and playing.


What does that mean? What are Auditioner technology, Auditioner Playback System  and Source material ?

Does it mean I need to have other equipment or software in order to make audio simulation and listen to them with Modeler?




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Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for checking in.

Bose Auditioner technology is a combination of soft- and hardware that allows designers and their customers to listen to simulated spaces. This process is called auralization and analogous to visualization of rendered spaces.

Yes, you need to have dedicated hardware: the Auditioner Playback System. This is a transaural speaker system we developed for the purpose of auralization. Please contact your local Bose Pro representative for further information about availability or support.

‘Source material’ refers to audio material to be played back for the simulation. Preferably, it has been recorded under anechoic conditions. Technically, the simulation software predicts binaural impulse responses which are then convolved with the source material and played back through Auditioner. This might include simulated or binaurally recorded background noise.

Hope this helps. Any further questions, please let us know.


Best rgds,


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