What is the serial protocol to apply a Volume increment to an Input on a Standard Mixer Block, I have volume sliders working fine with set volume for  a mic passing thru this module however client requires incremental volume also. Thx

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Thanks Peter, so I assume to do this I would have to write a series of conditionals for the whole db range which is -60 to 12. E.g if Mixer Block Input Output = -60 then Set Mixer Block Input Output Level to -55, if Mixer Block Input Output = -55 then Set Mixer Block Input Output Level to -50 and so on for volume up increments. I was hoping for an easier method as I have 12 zones to do. I know there is a volume increment for Input/Output using slot and channel numbers was hoping there was something similar for Modules.

You can also use "Groups" and only add 1 gain block per group.

4.3 Set Group Level Increment/Decrement (SH)

To increment (or decrement) the master level of Group n by x number of 0.5dB steps:

SH n,d,x<CR> where n is the Group number, 1 – 40h (1-64 decimal)
d is the direction, 1=up or 0=down
x is the number of 0.5dB steps in hexadecimal (e.g. 5dB = A)

SH 2,1,6<CR> Increase the level of Group 2 by 3dB
SH 7,0,3<CR> Decrease the level of Group 7 by 1.5dB

I have seen a Crestron Control Gui adjusting Input Gains in increments on a standard mixer block. I assume they must have used conditionals then if it is not possible? They could have just added a Gain Block before each input as suggested by Arno, is there any reason why this would not be the preferred solution? It sure would save time.

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