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Hi everyone,

With the upcoming success of ShowMatch as an installed PA for more and more venues, it would be great to have the option to use CSD with limited access to some DSP blocks (the access rights should be custom-made, depending on the project and the user wishes) not just like with the monitor mode we already have.

For instance, to lock the delays, limiters and let the sound engineer modify the EQ curve or the Xover between subs and tops for some reason. Or modify the Matrix/Std Mixer...

We often have the request for that functionality.

Best regards

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Hello Arno,

We need this feature any time a RoomMatch or ShowMatch system is used by a technical staff to support the sound engineer for a live show. It's a request from the field that is always a good thing to comfort the team. To "show what we hear" : EQ curve X-Over...

Most recent in my mind : Casino de Pornic with a ShowMatch PA.

And it will be nice feature too with our future AM PA.


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