Hello Peter,

I've just tried using CSRbuilder 2.5, CSRremote 2.5 and iOS 12.1.1, and CSRclient on the iPad is should the design on the iPad directly after the upload from CSRbuilder.

Can you try to close CSRclient on the iPad and re-open it?

Double click the home button and swipe CSRbuilder to the top.
Open CSRbuilder agian.


Any word on this?I have the same problem....now,, I am not connected to the network that my csp in on.  Im working at home developing the remote, but I would like to see how the control looks on my ipad...But even though I am able to connect and it says it has uploaded I am stuck in demo mode...help

Hello Bill,

So far I'm not able to reproduce, so extra information would be helpful.

  • Which version of CSRbuilder, CSRclient and CSD are you using?
  • Are you using an Apple device or an Android device
  • Which OS are you running on the mobile device
  • Is your PC and the mobile device on DHCP or Fixed IP and is a DHCP server running on your network?
  • Can you share the CSR design?

Could it be that you are using ControlSpace remote (client), instead of ControlSpace remote custom, to upload a design created with CSRbuilder 2.x?

If you have additional information to share, please let us know


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