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When placing a speaker in the room and using the "import" button the import tool only looks for "Bass Array File.txt" not CF2 files which is what I am browsing for. Should I be doing this a different way? I'm new to using Modeler so may easily be overlooking something. Thanks

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Hi JR,

CLF (and EASE) speakers need to be placed in the program folder that contains the speaker data. Normally, that is 'Modeler\data\speaker_data\'. We recommend to organize non-Bose data in respective folders, e.g. '\CLF'. The speakers may then be viewed in Modeler's Loudspeaker Database or placed into the model.

Please note that .cf2 speakers that are defined as 'powered' speakers cannot be read since they don't contain numbers for sensitivity. You may also experience some issues with wireframe renderings but this will not affect any acoustical predictions.

Please make sure you go through the online training available for Modeler or contact your local Bose rep. You may also want to search this forum for terms like 'CLF' or 'GLL'.


Hope this helped.

Best rgds,


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