Strange "white" colour for RMU & EM90/180

Hello everyone,

Do I am the only one to receive number of comments from the dealers and end-users about the type of "white color" we have chosen for our new generation of speakers (EM, RMU)?

They have to paint the speaker systematically cause the architect do not accept the color, causing extra cost.

The comments are: "it looks like dirty, old", "it's a nicotine white".

Thanks for your comments to know if it's only a concern in our french market.


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To be precise, we have two different RAL color for the "White version of speaker" in our product range.

We have several installations where the dealer had to pay extra-cost to make painted the RMU speakers in the same RAL than the FreeSpace speakers range.

RMU's, MSA12X and EM90/180 have a touch of yellow /white in the painting. When you install the product on a white wall you can see a significant difference and it looks like dirty or old product.

I'm surprised that nobody add comments on this topics.

In France, we often have the remark from our integrators that's why I'm asking.

Thanks for an answer from the U.S. to know the reason and explain it to our client.


Kind regards

Hi Guillaume,
in Germany we often have the same discussion. 
As far as I know  RMU and Freespace speakers are painted in artic white (Munsell 3.7G 9.15/0.1) which is  between RAL 9016 and RAL9010.
The grill of the EM speaker is painted in RAL 9010. That makes the difference.
Same for the RMU speakers. The speaker are painted in a darker white and the brackets (U-Bracket and RMUBRKT 1) are painted in a fresher white which is very close to RAL 9010.

Kind regards



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