My church has 4 802 series III speakers that were controlled by an 802-E controller.  This controller went out and a SP-24 was purchased.  What is the preferred setting for the Sp-24 controlling the 802's?

Also a sub woofer was never purchased with these units..  What is the preferred sub woofer for the 802'a?


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Hi Robert,

For 802 III with the SP-24, you'll want to decide if you're doing Mono or Stereo. This is a preference, though for 4 speakers in a house of worship, or an auditorium, Mono is generally preferred. 

The setting for this would just be "Mono 802III". All 4 outputs will be sending mono, full range audio, equalized for the 802 series III. If you want this in stereo, then chose "Stereo 802III". Outputs 1 and 2 will be Left and Right, 3 and 4 will also be Left and Right, respectively. 

As for using a sub, a common recommendation is to use the MB12 or MB24, depending on how much bass presence you'd want. Setting the SP-24 for this would be the same, but the option would be "802III + MB" in stereo or mono. Outs 1 and 2 would be 802III, and out 3 would be for the sub.

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