signal form EP22D is out of sync at boot-up

A customer met an issue that ESP00II Dante didn't receive the signal from an EP22D when the system started up. This issue occurred with one of EP22Ds in the network which Dante IN1 and IN2 of ESP00II were subscribing. We could reproduced that with following step:


1. prepare 2x EP22Ds, ESP00II with Dante Card and a network switch.

2. make subscriptions as ESP-Dante 1-2 receive signal from EP22D-1 and ESP-Dante 3-4 receive from EP22D-2.


3. turn off the system.

4. turn on the ES22Ds and the switch. then turn on ESP00II


5. "Clock Sync unlocked" occurs on EP22D-1 and ESP doesn't receive signal from ESP22D-1 though receives from EP22D-2. in this condition the latency of EP22D-1 is 1500ms


- this issue doesn't occur when ESP boot up first.

- this issue occur on the EP22D which ESP Dante ch1 and 2 subscribe (regardless of the device)

- this issue leave with unplug and re-plug the CAT6 cable connected to the EP22D-1

- Dante System Infodeviceinfo





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Hi Arno.

I am Ayumi@Bose Pro JP, working with Kakudo as tech/product support, and now taking over the case from him.

I have checked the Studio Technologies articles you gave us, thank you. and found latest articles as well... that says "this problem has been fixed now with new Dante firmware ver. released in Nov 2018." (Article below)

According to the article, Studio Technologies prepares new FW for their Dante products. Will Bose release "fixed.ver" dante FW for our products incl. EP22D? 

Best regards, 


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