Hi everyone,

I have a dealer who is experiencing a major issue with the serial codes and parameter sets. He has an ESP-880A + CSD version 5.4

If you create several codes with different labels in the "ON String" tab and drag and drop the output serial block into some different parameter sets. It's not working at all and the code is modified if you click on + button inside Parameter Sets you can see that the code has changed.

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I post a small movie where you can see the error.

the codes are changing in the parameterset when you « load » another  serial code .spt file.

Also just simple serialcodes are not working at all.

All my codes were working perfectly in esp 88, 880, 1240 machines with previous software versions. 

At this moment two mayor installations are blocked because my client cant control his installation.



Avecom France



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Hello Richard,

Thank you for sharing the movie, which explains more about the issue you are running into.

Is there a special reason for you to upgrade to CSD 5.4?
Or can you downgrade to the previous version (on which version was the system running on)?

How many serial output string to you need to send in total?


Hello Richard,

Sorry I was not aware you were using the new ESP FIXED IO

ESP-880A is supported as of CSD 5.4.
So in that case you cannot downgrade.

You mention you have 2 installation blocked because of this issue.
Are both installs new installations and can you share me both design files?



Hi Richard,

Thank you for sharing your design files.
As you "only" need 36 serial output strings, you can use the ON and OFF state in the serial block. This way you can create 64 serial output strings.

I've sent you an instruction movie.

I hope you can continue with your project with this solution.
And we will log the issue that opening serial lists overwrites Psets.


Hi Arno,

We also have a similar problem with this on an ESP 1240AD. So with regard to the on off state do you mean you can get 64 serial outs (32 as On & 32 as Off) As this is related to logic which the 1240AD does not have, will this work for us or does some logic code need to be applied for this to be achievable?

Please explain a little more...

Using CSD 5.4



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