RMU105 EQ presets

Hi everyone,

After several commissioning with RMU105, I've noticed that the BOSE EQ presets were a little bit optimistic in term of low frequencies cut off.

The filtering is : 90 to 20 000 Hz seems not appropriate to me, because the 5'' woofer can't reproduce these low frequencies with enough efficiency, resulting in a modified tonal balance between low mid and high frequencies. Especially with a compression driver that delivers a very high SPL.

In certain condition with high SPL demand (Nightclub with Live music or DJ set) the woofer have been damaged on different installations. After several tests, we've changed the Xover to 160/180 Hertz which better corresponds to the 5'' woofer.

Does anybody have noted this too or am-I alone on this report ?

Best regard

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