As announced, a GLL for the RMU Series has been made available in an initial alpha version (please download here).  Please note the following:

Different to the recently published GLL's for RoomMatch and ShowMatch, the acoustical data in this GLL has been converted from Modeler SPM data. This means that it's original resolution is third octave bands in frequency and five degrees in angle. If GLL Viewer software is set to higher frequency resolution, it will just show a response interpolated by the software.

Due to fact that we used EASE XHN as the conversion format from SPM to GLL, the balloon data for the bands below 100 Hz is currently copied from the 100 Hz band and the data above 10 kHz is copied from the 10k band. Nonetheless, we made sure that the sensitivity values are properly copied from the actual SPM responses.

Having said the above, the numbers predicted with this GLL for results like 'Frequency Spectrum' and 'Maximum SPL' will be within a tenth of a dB of what you'll get in Modeler.

Please let us know your feedback and stay tuned for the beta release that we plan to release in a few weeks.

best rgds,


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