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We deploy CS Systems over enterprise networks with VLANs and SSIDs set up for the audio system. We never experienced any significant lag in control when using the ESP00, but when that was discontinued we switched to Dante to get the distribution capability we needed. 

Since switching to Dante we are noticing lagged behavior with the remote control apps. Is this a result of having remote control and Dante distribution on the same network or is there something else we should check?


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Hello JeffAlex,

I haven't heard on CSR control lag.

Dante multicast flows can flood the WiFi link.
Audinate wrote an article on this.

For testing, you might can try to isolate Dante and CSD control by selecting Isolated mode for the Dante network mode.
On the primary port you will have Dante and on the secondary port CSD control.

Or build a small network and see if you still experiencing this issue.

Do you also experiencing this issue when you use CSR on a wired PC?

I hope this will help you resolving your issue, otherwise please let us know.


Arno, to pick up on where we left off... our network team seems to think that since we deploy CS Systems with music streaming constantly over Dante to 3 PM8250 amps and 24 zones, that remote control traffic over the same ethernet connection is not getting priority, therefore lagging.

In your response on 1/7 you suggested isolating the two traffic streams. I assume that this is performed in Dante Controller here...attachment

Are the rest of the steps for CSD and CS Remote builder documented?

Thanks!!Framingham Dante Deployment


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