red POWER LED when uploading a csp with ParamSet for VPEQ

Hi Kakudo,

I tested this as well, and experienced the same failure when uploading the file you posted. (in 5.1.1)  The error is only in uploading the file, as you mentioned.

Strangely, when I uploaded the exact same file, after replacing the parameter sets (deleting them, and adding the same matrix and VPEQ blocks) it worked fine. It must have to do with the way it was created? I've attached the working version. 




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Hi Chris and Arno,

Thank you for your support.

Though he seemed not to add any bank when he created the csp file, I could reproduce 16 bands VPEQ in PS even if the block had only 9 bands with "Paste Parameters" operation as follows:

1. "Copy Parameters" of a VPEQ (VEPQ1)

2. "Paste Parameters" of another VPEQ (VPEQ2)

3.  Add the VPEQ (VPEQ2) to a ParameterSet



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