I have a Demo PS404D amplifier that I had changed the IP address and Dante addresses to static addresses for a demo so I know I had connectivity. The other day, I was helping a dealer with an issue on his unit and I switched the IP address on the amp back to DHCP to check out something. Today, I switched it back to a static address and now I cannot find it with the hardware manager in ControlSpace or  connect to it.

I have tried it with three different computers and several different USB NIC dongles, all with the same result. I know the address that I assigned to it (, I can ping that address on all three computers and it will respond right back, I have tried the SCAN feature in the software, I have restarted the computers and unit several times....all with no success. Looking for suggestions at this point - I have invested several hours in the troubleshooting at this point.

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Hello Bruce,

Sorry for the delay.

Please try to connect to the secondary port (just in case the Dante network mode has changed).

Can you try to the Reset button on the back of the PS404D to reset the amplifier to factory default settings?

Resetting the PS604D/PS404D

The reset procedure can be used on a PowerShare PS604D or PS404D amplifier to clear the project file (programming defaults) and network settings.

Reset your amplifier to
clear all device settings to start from a factory default version.

resolve network issue where the IP address is unknown. The IP address will default to DHCP and if DHCP server is not available, a link-local address will be used.

diagnose/resolve problems with a bad or incompatible project file.

The reset procedure can be done with the following steps. Read the whole procedure before following the steps.

  1. If possible, back up your CSD design before doing a reset because the amplifier's settings will be cleared and default settings will be restored.

  2. Turn the power off with the Power switch.

  3. Wait over 10 seconds for power to fully discharge.

  4. Use a paper clip (or similar tool) to depress the Reset button in the rear panel of the amplifier.

  5. While depressing the Reset button, press the Power switch to turn the device power back on. The Input Signal LEDs will light green.

  6. Continue depressing the Reset button until the Input Signal LEDs are lit for four seconds, then release the Reset button. The Input Signal LEDs will blink rapidly if the reset procedure was successful.




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