yesterday we installed at a customer. There are about 40 speakers and 5 Amp 604 A , 1 x CC64 and 2 x ESP1240A.It is a simple installation. When loading the software onto the devices, the POWER LEDs of the two ESP alternately went red. At first we thought that there was a hardware problem. But when we had the software with the older version on it, then the second ESP went to red and the first to green. We are using the 5.7 CSD because of the PS604A. I think that there is no hardware problem - its the software.If we play an empty file on it, all LEDs are green. As soon as I play the file with the CSD version 5.7, the LED turns red.How do I solve this problem? We installed 2 amps via AMPLINK on the processor and the last AMP via Anaog. All devices (including the CC64) are on one switch.


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