A dealer is asking if the amplifier will support 220VAC in North America, and what power cord is available for it. According to spec it should but wanted to be sure about it. Will there need to be a special adapter to get the plug to fit?

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Yes, it should work fine.  The main issue is deciding on a plug/receptacle combination.  I’m assuming there isn’t an existing outlet that needs a plug to mate with it.  One US standard is the NEMA L6-15P (plug) and L6-15R (receptacle) – a 2-pole + ground twist-lock rated at 15A 250V.  Probably easiest to buy an IEC C13 cord set (16ga.) and cut the plug off & install the L6-15P. 


There are also flat-blade plugs NEMA 6-15P and 6-15R.  Probably should ask an electrician that’s responsible for the specific facility where you want to do the install.



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