This release of PowerShare Editor support for the following:

1. Support for DesignMax loudspeakers: DM2C-LP, DM2S, DM3C, DM3SE, DM5C, DM5SE, DM6C, DM6SE, DM8C, DM8SE, DM8C-Sub, DM10S-Sub.

This release of PowerShare and firmware fixes various issues including:

General Issues

  1. Changed "download design to amp" to "upload design to amp," and changed "upload the current amp design to software" to "download the current amp design to software”.

  2. Added firmware version 5.25 that eliminates the PS602P no audio output when rear-panel dip switch is set to "REAR", while the "SOFTWARE" DIP switch setting works

PowerShare Editor v2.2 files can be downloaded using the following links:

These files are soon available on PRO.BOSE.COM

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