Powermatch PM4250N used as a small Public Announcement with microphone

I have a Council client who wants to use the Power Match PM4250N as a small Public Announcement system with a microphone. It there a simple way to achieve this. It is not intended to be used for stage shows just speeches and general announcements to an audience of 50-100

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Hi JKM - 

You may use a microphone with a PowerMatch amplifier, however if using a wired microphone you must make use of a pre-amplifier to boost the mic level signal from -50dBV up to line level (0dBu) in order for the amplifier to have enough input gain to work properly. If your wired mic is a condenser, a phantom powered pre-amp would be required. If you are using a wireless microphone, check to see if your wireless receiver has a line level output, as that may be sufficient output to drive the amplifier's input.



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