Power match amplifier PM 8500 N - faulty or no power


In view of the recent case that i handle, i have a particular client using only 1x PM 8500 N and the amplifier is connected to a Furman surge protector model: PS-8RE older version and Furman remains ON all the time (24/7, 365 days). 

The install was done on year 2015, and to date i have change 3x PM 8500 (all in the same location) and all fail due to no power supply. The amp just decide to go "kapu" on the eve of an important event

All other device like Yamaha AV receiver, set-top box, karaoke equipment, which is connected to the Furman, they are all fine and never fail. Its hard to explain to customer why the high value amplifier always fail.

I have done the support for the fourth amp & now i began to think that the Furman might be an issue? Anybody has the same issue here?

I also think that ON/OFF the PM amp everyday is not good for the components?

This fourth amplifier, i have connected the amp to unswitched mode (remain ON) and i set the amp to shutdown when there is no activity.

Is there anyone who can share with me a situation like this. Thanks!



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Hi Bernard,

We are aware that with the PM8500/N amps, power line conditioners can limit the performance due to the PFC the amp uses. In short, it can limit the current the amp needs for higher output levels. I'm not sure if this means the amp would fail, but if it's been used all along, I imagine it could be a factor.

I would try bypassing the power conditioner (PS-8RE), as the amp generally has enough protection built in, and this could solve the repeat failures. 

You can read another post about this here



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