I have a customer and set the front panel lock for a year......they would like to re-config the system ; however the password was missed.

We tried to connect the PM8500 via UBS but it still need the password.

How can we find the password or restore the amplifier to factory setting?

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Hello team,

I have a client and I set the front panel lock, for this moment I need to include adicional programming in CC64; however, the password was lost.

I tried to connect the PM4500N via UBS and LAN, but I still need the password.

How can I find the password with ControlSpace or reset the amplifier to factory settings? i Tried without success with the recovey process


Hi, I need to extend a system with a ESP1240 one PM8250 and one PM8500, but they have lost the password as the installation last for two years without any change. Can you help ?

Another topic : using ESPLink is there a way (like a matrix would do) to change the ESPLink channels vs Amp channels in order not to have same config on both amps ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Rem,

AmpLink channels can be combined with analog channels on either amp. So you can set individual inputs on an AmpLink equipped PowerMatch amp to either analog or digital. The same 8 AmpLink channels can be sent to both amps by bridging the connection. 

Sorry for the late response.

Best Regards,


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