Hi. User has created a new file in CSD5.7 including many parameter sets. This is causing a Red power LED on upload to ESP1240AD, with no audio passing. When P-Sets are eliminated the system operates as expected. Is this a known issue and is there a work around we can apple? Attached are the CSD files: One that caused the failure and one that works


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Happened to me too. ESP-1240 (silver) upgraded, power LED lit yellow for boot (did it before?), after boot it turned red. 

Funny thing tho; after update, the ESP bootlooped in 30ish second intervals 😳 Bootloop was resolved by replugging AC. Rolling back to 5.6.2 FW now, hope the XML isn't mangled 🤗

HI Peter,

With CSD 5.7 we introduce an automatic recovery, so you can at least connect to the ESP again when the netlist is corrupted.

Using Retrieve Saved Design you can retrieve the loaded design file and work from there.

We are working on resolving the CC-64 / Pset.


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