I have a pair of 402's used as mains for a small band (used with the 402E controller they were purchased with).  I've added a 502BP and would like to replace the 402E controller with a 402C controller that has the crossover built in to simplify connections.  It seems 402C's are not easy to find but 502C's are more readily available.  Is the EQ curve of the 502a  similar enough to the 402's to work for my system?  Thank you for your help.

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Hi Jlex,

The 502A and 402 EQ curves for full range and for mid-high crossover are a bit different. Not by leaps and bounds, but the 402 is more complex, and has a higher low-frequency bandpass, when used with a bass cabinet.

As for the proper legacy controller, it would still be the 402C. Our current controller option would be the ControlSpace SP-24.

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