Panaray 502C setup tips after mixer replacement

I know this is an old system, and this may cause some head scratching, but our church has a Panaray system with one 502BP sub woofer, three 502A controlled array speakers and a 502C System Controller. We just replaced our Allen&Heath analog mixer with a digital Behringer x32 along with an S16 digital snake and we threw in an X-Dante card and a D400-Dante distributer and 7 A320 personal mixers for IEMs. I removed a stack of hardware equalizers (3-2 channel) and compressors (2-2 channel). I have the 502BP Sub-woofer and Center 502A amplified by a QSC RMX1450 while the side 502As are amplified by a QSC RMX850. I have turned all three of these amplifier channels way down from where they were to between 10 and 12 dB.

The issue is now, the level seems to be coming out of the new mixer pretty hot and I can't properly adjust the input gain from the stage box adequately to get good audio down to the IEMs.  

My question is this: is there an available procedure to adjust the input and output gain controls on the back of 502C? If not, can you provide some guidance?

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