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I am reviving a pair of 802 II's and would like to use a pair of non-bose subwoofers. In order to setup a crossover for the subs I need to know some technical specs. I'd like to start the subs at around 60Hz and then crossover into the 802's. 

When the 802C controller is put into biamp mode, what is the frequency this mode is operating? What frequency should I use to crossover into the 802's? 

Also, what is the highest frequency attained by the 802's. Is it 16kHz?

Any information or experience with a similar setup would be very helpful.


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Hi Johnny,

On the 802C crossover frequency in biamped mode is 180 Hz.  That particular controller was designed to be used with the 802 II and 302 pair, so that particular crossover point may not work for you.

For use with a third-party subwoofer, you'll likely want to leave the 802C as full range for the 802 IIs, and then run the subwoofer independently from the controller.

The frequency range (-10 dB points) of an 802 II are 55 Hz and 16 kHz.  So the 802 II will reach 16 kHz, but the response will begin rolling off sooner than that.

Hope that helps!

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