Hi there. I'm a newbie to this site and first time user of dante. I have a problem where I'm unable to detect the ESP1240 from within CSD v5.0 when I scan. In detail;

  • I am not using a DHCP server so all devices require static IP's
  • I've installed the dante card as per the installation instructions in the ESP1240
  • I connect the primary port of the dante card to my gigabit switch
  • I connect my pc to the switch
  • I run audinates dante application to determine the IP address of the Dante interface in the ESP.
  • I change my laptop network interface to match the dante IP range and change the dante IP address to
  • I change my laptop IP address to this same range (
  • I close the audinate dante app
  • I disconnect the ESP'd dante connection from the switch and connect the front LAN port of the ESP to the switch.
  • I run CSP v5.0
  • I do a scan and detect the ESP
  • I change the IP of the ESP to static
  • I disconnect the ESP LAN port connection to the switch
  • I reconnect the Dante primary port connection to the switch
  • I do a scan but get the message that no device can be found.

I've tried this repeatedly, always with the same outcome. I am however able to click and see the dante properties of the dante card (with CSD), but I cannot for the life of me detect the ESP processor when I do a scan.

Other things worthy of mentioning,

  • If I disconnect the dante primary port from the switch and reconnect the from ESP LAN port to the switch and run a scan, the device appears (but obviously dante does not - as expected)
  • Subnets Mask is the same for Dante, ESP, and laptop -
  • Gateway (while there is none) is set to across all network interfaces

I'm at my whits end. I've spent hours trying different things without any success. The CSD v5.0 User manual suggests;

"NOTE: For more information on configuring Bose professional system electronics for use with Dante digital audio network audio, refer to the Dante application notes available at pro.Bose.-com."

but I can find anything that relates to this on the site.

Can someone through some light on this?

Original Post

Hello Con,

sorry to read you experiencing these issues.
Dante/Bose should be plug and play.

Dante (ESP):
In Dante Controller the ESP (Dante) is populated (connected to Primary Dante port)
In CSD (Dante Properties) the ESP Dante is populated (connected to Primary Dante port)
ESP is populated in Project View (CSD) if connected through front port, not via Primary port.

I assume your "current project settings" in the Hardware Manager is set to, as you can scan the ESP when connected through the front port.

Could it be that the network mode of the Dante card is set to Isolated mode (instead of switched/legacy mode)?

If seen one issue where the Dante card was not mounted fully in, and was blocked by a chassis screw.





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