I am currently wrapping up a module to integrate the 1280C's into amx conference rooms with phone conferencing. I started it a few months back, found a few issues with controlling over serial that would cause the unit to force reboot itself. Since then the whole ordeal has been on hold after talking to Bose and having them have a few things tried (safe mode, etc)

However, my question today is likely far more simple. We used to use polycom soundstructure and have one serial connection and one lan connection for a system, which would then all be combined by an OBAM cable. The software and commands would then be treated as one system.


With these bose systems, it appears there is no direct linking function, so we will have to put each unit on the clients network, and I presume build a project file with all of those units inside. Easy enough.


My question is, what about serial control or just the overall project file of changing presets for combine/uncombine spaces. Do I only need one serial connection/IP socket to perform changes throughout the project file, or does each dsp need its own controllability? As well, are the changes of presets handled nicely in this regard as well?

-Guy who has been integrating closed architecture dsp's for 3 years straight lol


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Hi Andrew,

To follow up our conversation on the phone, here is a bit more detail about controlling two devices.  

As you mentioned, you can have both 1280Cs in one project file.  If you are solely controlling parameter sets and groups, then you would only technically need a serial connection to one 1280C (preferably the primary/RTC).  If you need to control individual blocks (gain, selectors, etc) on the other 1280C, then you would need a connection to that unit as well.  So parameter sets and gain groups are global; blocks are local.

You can always put a block into a parameter set or a group to make it "global."

If you were to use two Conference Room Routers, one in each 1280C and placed into a single RCGroup, then it's best to control combining and splitting via just one of the CRRs in that group.  In other words, when creating the parameter sets to split and join two rooms, only place one of the CRRs in that parameter set.


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