Modeler Data needed 2015 RoomMatch Cabs

I need Modeler Data for these Configs of RoomMatch

28x35 x 20V
28x45 x 20V

35x28 x 20V
45x28 x 20V

70H x 15V
90H x 30V

(the above configs. are not listed on the web page however I was told by my Bose Rep. that they are available.)


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I'm not aware that any of these modules or the corresponding Modeler files are available.

Product management has confirmed that there are definitely no 15° and 30° modules available and that there are no plans to offer them.

So sorry, but for now, you'll have to work with the 42 modules that can be found in the LS database.

best rgds,


do you have a direct field map for the 1-4kHz avg that you can post or include the model if you can. if you do not want to post the model to the forum, you could send to my Bose e mail address. Just interested to see the coverage without the reverberation. What is the RT60 for the space?



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