Deployed 15 systems so far... first time this happened...  I installed the system, set it up on the network, opened the Remote App, changed the IP address to match the ESP1240AD and when I did, I lost all of the names of the controls on the remote app. Example: "Droplist : ESP1240AD : Z10DinSel" was now just "Droplist". And this happened to all 60 controls in the program. 

What did I do to cause this? 

I have CSP v5.5, and Remote Builder devices are ESP1240AD and three PowerMatch Amps with Dante Cards.


Original Post

Arno... for clarification in my original post, when I say "changed the IP address to match the ESP1240AD" that was in the remote app, not on a device (because that would create a conflict)

Further details:

  1. I was connected to the VLAN for the system via ethernet, not wireless
  2. I had just completed Dante routing via Dante Controller and may have still been online with both Dante Controller and CS Designer when it happened
  3. The system is fine now... I rebuilt the remote program and re-deployed. No problems

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