I'm wondering if there is some kind of logging system when using the CSR software.

I've made a design for 4x ESP-00 II processors with each 4 input and 4 output cards. This setup is accessed only by a CSR design.
In some cases there are multiple users who are using this CSR Design at the same time.

I'm getting complains that the faders and buttons they use on the CSR design sometimes aren't doing anything, but each time that I test this, I can't find any problems.

I'm not shure if the fault is within the CSR design or within the audiosystem at all, but I'm looking for something to prove this.

So a loggin file of the CSR or the CSD system could come in very handy in this case.

Thank you for the reply.



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Hello Halewijn,

Sorry to inform you, but there is no logging in ControlSpace Remote.

ControlSpace Remote support up to eight simultaneous serial-over-Ethernet connections.

When this happens, can your customer tell the status of the status indicator, and if they go to settings --> Network status... are all devices online?

How many controls do you have on one canvas? Too many controls can create a lag in retrieving information.

Can you share your design file with us.


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