Hello Hubi,

Please try the following:

  1. Connect the Bose ESP-1240A and your PC to the network
  2. Start Bose ControlSpace Designer (CSD)
  3. Navigate to Systems -> Hardware Manager
    Check that the Current Project Settings is set to
    The ESP should populate (if not click on Discover Devices)
  4. Click on Change in the Current Project Settings
    Change the New Project Network Address to (or to the network settings needed) and click on OK
  5. The ESP status will change to Out of project
    The Hardware Manager window will expand showing the changes that will be made when you click on Update (make sure the ESP is selected in the Network Settings tab).
  6. Click on Update and you will be notified that the update is complete and that you need to reboot the devices.
    Click on Yes and the device will reboot.
  7. Change the network settings of the PC to
  8. If the Hardware Manager was closed, re-open the Hardware Manager.
    If the Hardware Manager was still open, click on Discover Devices
    Make sure that the Current Project Settings is set correctly ( and the ESP should populate.
  9. If the Network connection need to be changed (DHCP / Static IP), select the ESP and the Hardware Manager window will expand.
    Select DHCP or Static IP and change the New IP Address if Static IP is selected and click on Update.

  10. You will be notified that the change was succes ful and that the device need to be rebooted.
    Click on OK

  11. After the reboot, the ESP will have the new Network connection settings


I hope this helps changing the network settings.



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