So, recently my Auditioner station became riddled with static - assuming the HF drivers were blown somehow we were shipped a newer unit. Same condition although less so.

Been working w/ field engineering and today we find that my USB Burr-Brown driver is apparently too new (fatality of some upgrade thanks to Microsoft.

I'm running Win7 via VMWare Fusion on a hopped up MacBook Pro just for reference.

You can see in the attached image the driver source and everything doesn't match apparently the older version it is supposed to be but we can't seem to figure out how to correct/update the driver.



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Hi Andrew,

sorry to hear that you are having problems with the PBU.

Unfortunately, this is beyond my capabilities and I will have to pass this on to Engineering.

Here are two comments, though.

From back in the old days, I remember that the Auditioner PBU was supposed to work as a 'standard' USB audio device. And yes, it does feature a Burr-Brown chip but I don't believe it requires special Burr-Brown drivers. At least we never installed any as far as I recall.

I also checked my Audio properties (standard Win 7 PC) and cannot find anything BB specific. I only see standard Audio controllers and they work fine the PBU.

Other Auditioner users, any ideas ?

best rdgs,


Continuing saga with this...after some update (can't recall which) to WIN or macOS or VMWare Fusion last year or whenever it worked just fine for a spell. Recent months, however, the static sound is back and I'm really ready to put this to bed.

If I play sound (pretty much the Royer track on a loop) using Windows Media Player and connecting the sound card through Fusion to the MBP hardware, audio plays just fine on the computer speakers.

If I connect the Auditioner station (just as an audio playback device, not with Modeler running) the track plays but with static. 

This confirms to me that it's a driver problem w/ the BB driver which the Auditioner seems to demand. My suspicion is that this driver was written in 1945 or something and never updated...?

It's also clearly not a problem w/ the Auditioner station. For a recent customer presentation, I used one of our other MBP's but it's running Bootcamp and Modeler/Auditioner work perfectly.'s the BB driver passing through Fusion apparently. I've tried every permutation I can come up with but to no avail.

Something else I should add:

If I shut down Windows, the BB driver connects to macOS. In the settings for Windows I can select the sound card (pertinent options are the TI BB driver and the TI USB Codec). If I select the BB driver then start Windows, I can properly play audio from Windows Media Player though the Auditioner station without any of the static artifacts. Perfectly fine.

I then start Modeler and prepare the Model for Auditioner BUT the USB light in the Player window is Red and the Player applet does not load. This is because the BB driver is not connected to soon as I go to the Fusion screen and connect the BB driver to Windows the player window loads but it plays with static.

Here are 2 versions of the NFO data.

This will show what processor/RAM is allocated to WIN10 from Fusion.

To restate clearly, this problem occurs playing any audio through the Auditioner station from Win10, independent of Modeler. Audio through the station is perfectly fine in macOS or even Win10 if the Burr-Brown driver is set as the macOS audio file...but Modeler has to see the device local so that's not a fix, just an interesting fact.



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NFO with Auditioner connected to Win10
NFO before connecting Auditioner

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