Dear Friends,

Our sportsclub received a set of Bose hardware (and a bunch of different cables) but nobody is sure how to set up this set:
1x 802-C II Systems Controller
1x 1800 Series V Professional Amplifier
1x 1800 / IV Professional Power Station
4x 802 Series II
2x 502 BP

We understand how to connect our Mixer to the Systems Controller.
But then, we think to connect
Syst.Contr. to 1800 Series V
  --> 1800 Series V to 2x 502    (with XLR? or Jacks?)
1800 Series V to 1800/IV     (with XLR? or Jacks?)
  --> 1800 / IV to 4x 802 Series II    (with XLR? or Jacks?) 
Are we right?

Also: do we connect 4x 802II to amp with 4 seperate cables, or do we connect just 2x 802II with the amp( Left and Right channel) and then connect 2 other 802II to those, like paring them, connecting by short cables?

Is it possible to show it in a simple drawing, so we understand better?

We would be very happy with all your advise!

Best Regards,

RKSV Wilskracht
Alphen a/d Rijn, NL






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Hi Andre,

You have the right idea. The 802 controller has 4 outputs, so you can send audio from your source (mixer) through the controller, then the controller applies EQ/signal processing to the signal, and sends it to to the amps. The connectors can be either XLR or 1/4" on the speaker end.

Use the low frequency outputs for the 502 BPs. (on one amp), and the high frequency outputs to the 802 IIs (on the other amp)

As for the 802 II x 4 - You'd want to run them in parallel, so two groups of two, on one amp. (1/4" or XLR) Amp to speaker, then speaker to the next speaker. Then repeat this from the other amp channel. 

Make sure the 802C is in bi-amp mode ("BA"), so that it sends only the low frequency to the amp with the 502s, and the mid-high frequencies to the amp with the 802s. 

Best regards,


Hi Andre,

Yes, this is the right idea. 

You can try this either way, as the specifications are very similar. The end result should not differ greatly. If the series V has an EQ card, you'll want to remove it. If you're not sure if it does, you can remove the input panel, and the card would be behind it (if it's installed).

Best regards,


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