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As the subject says, i'm hoping i someone can help me with how to wire up and what wires i may need to make all this work. I have seen this setup around for years and love the sound it produces but have no idea how to make it all work..

I have 2x Bose 802 series ii speakers, Bose 802c series ii controller and a Bose 1800w series VI amplifier (picture attached). I don't have any wires nor know which wire goes where..

I have attached  a picture of the back of the system i have to make it a little easier to understand for me and anyone else that may need the help.

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Mixer left into controller channel one -- mixer right into controller channel 2 -- XLR or TRS from mixer to XLR inputs on controller.

XLR to XLR from each controller channel into power amp inputs...

Now the tricky bit.  I used to have two twin-Male-Banana Plug to 1/4" Female TS adapters...

Ah, there we go, found 'em!  (If link doesn't work type in description below**)


then speaker cable with 1/4" TS plugs on each end to connect from the power amp to the 802s...

Like those plus heavy duty SPEAKER WIRES -- not guitar cables!

Enjoy.  I used to love the way my 802s sounded...


** GLS Audio 1/4" to Banana Plug Adapter Cables 6". 1/4 Inch TS Mono Female to Male Banana Cords - 6 Inch Gender Changer Cable - 2 PACK

HI Chet and thank you for your response its much appreciated..


I have drawn up a simple diagram just so i make sure I am understanding correctly. Can you please have a look at the picture i have attached and let me know if i understood correctly?


Thank in advance


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