Hi - i am updating ESP1240, 2 PM8500, and 1 PM4500. The ESP and 8500s updated fine, but i got a "Checksum: do not reboot" or something like that. Tried to update again, but it failed. I can't afford for this system to be down for that long - please suggest some help!

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Hello Ryan,

Sorry to hear your run into this.

Can you try to do the following?

  1. While power on PM4500 Press 1 ,3,5 buttons till you see the recovery mode on Screen.
  2. Release the buttons
  3. Start the CSD
  4. Got o Hardware manager 
  5. Update the new firmware

And can you tell us from which version you were updating and which CSD version you were using?
Do you know the reproducable steps (like, batch update, ....)



Hi Simon,

You and I had spoken on the phone yesterday.  I can now confirm that the EQ issue you were seeing is due to the CSD version that was posted to the forum here.  

I know you had reverted your design file to 5.5.1.  Please let us know if you have any issues.  We are working to resolve the EQ issue with 5.6.



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