Freespace bass and satellite solution


When setting a single freespace 3 surface bass module, the watts required state:

70/100 V: 200 W (800 W peak) mono
Low impedance: 100 W (400 W peak) mono

does that means you get more dB from it on a 70/100 installation?

also how does having a pair or two pairs of satellite installed on said bass affect the power consumption and dB output?


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Hello Luis,

1)  No, you do not get more dB from 70/100V system, they are equal. It has to do with the way transformers are wound, the outcome is roughly the same. 

2) Actually, a system with 4 cubes has potentially 3dB less output above 200 Hz when using the cubes in series, however, the systems have been calibrated by Bose to have a good tonal mix using 4-cubes. 

Using 4-cubes has the benefit of covering more of the room, and is the most popular method of installation. 




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