when adding a source selection list, lets say CD, AIRPLAY, AM/FM tuner. after we have chose the needed source and close the application. when the application opened again. it's not showing what source you are listening to. same for any parameter. what i mean is the connection between the remote unit and the processor is a one way connection. is there any option or plan to get a feedback from processor ??

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Hi Abboud,

When the connection between the ControlSpace product and the remote device running CSR (connection icon should not be greyed out anymore), we poll the status of the open canvas.

Can you tell us a bit more:
-What kind of device are you using?
-Which version of OS is running
-Which version of CSR are they using?
-Can you send us the design file for testing?
-Are you testing it with a local WiFi router or on a company network?

If you have additional information, please let us also know.


Hi Arno

i was on site yesterday and i want to share with you some problems we are facing with CSB:
we are using ESP-1240 with CSD 4.4.2 and CSB 2.2 on IOS devices.

1- we have CC-64 on site, if we set the volume for a zone by CC-64 to (-5 for example), this value will be the maximum that the application can reach on 100% 

2- as shown in the attached video, if i chose airplay source on a gym and then i chose airplay on garden, if i back to gym, the source that i have select disappears 

3- if i opened the CSB file directly, it's showing a blank page, i have to open CSB and then open the file 



I have run into a possibly related issue. Feel free to delete it nice as needed.

My designer and I set up a remote app with source, volume and mic control. Some of the mic zones, and playback source volume, were at one point combined. To make the change as small as possible we decided to merge multiple gain blocks into groups, and then swapping faders and mute buttons where relevant.

At first it seemed ok, but when we tested thoroughly we discovered the grouped gains and mutes in the app didn't actually send commands. They received and correctly displayed levels and states when they were recalled from PSets, as well as when controlling directly from CSD.

We ended up with a functional workaround, by merging the gain blocks into matrices, followed by a single gain block.

Please let me know if this is an isolated issue, or if you need the source files.

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