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Hello development team,

I had a recent meeting with one of my dealers the other day and we discussed some refinements that he would like to see in our software.

1) the ability to connect to a NTP Server to be able to control events on the ESP or other Bose networked devices

2) The ability to click on a block and see the entire audio flow for that block. I think he called it a "Find Feature" on another software platform that they find to be beneficial.

We also discussed the use of the Q-Sys system when using it for control of non-QSC equipment. I know that at least one of my other dealers has mentioned getting a Q-Sys plug-in rather than a "Script" to be able to monitor the PowerMatch amplifiers when using the Q-Sys front end as the overall control of the system. This dealer mentioned that there are two "Groups" on Facebook - a "Closed" Q-Sys Programmers Super Group and a "Open" Q-Sys Programming Sharing Group - He thought that we could probably find someone there to assist us with that programming as a subcontractor.

Just some food for thought....

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