Two PM8500Ns in the same installation suddenly tripped "FAULT system halted please cycle power to recover". 

Simply cycling power does not recover, but if I unplug the network cables before power cycle they boot fine. As soon as I replug ethernet the amps go back into fault mode. 

FW 3.410 build 1



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Hello Peter,

sorry you run into this issue.

I've seen this before when the PowerMatch amplifiers were connected to the network were also an ESP00 was connected. After updating the ESP00 to the latest version this issue was resolved.

Do you have a system diagram, network topology design file for us?
Are all devices updated to the latest version (CSD 5.7.1)?



Sorry for the late reply, my time at the client ran out.

I did, however, manage to eliminate the problem (I think). Somewhere in the back of my head, I remembered something about PMs misbehaving after a given number of uploads. The original programmer for this system had, for some reason, opted to send design file to all network devices (ESP1240 + 2xPM8500N). Apparently that choice is sticky, so all uploads had been made to the amps as well.

I unplugged Ethernet on the amps, power cycled them (no recovery), and ran the "user factory defaults" reset. After reset, reboot and pushing of design to just the ESP (but with amps checked for network connection obviously), I can no longer provoke the error.

The ESP is running CSD 5.6 FW, the amps presented the same symptoms with FW both from 5.6 and 5.7.1.

I am not sure what you mean by network topology, but the Bose devices are connected to the admin/staff VLAN at a restaurant. All devices are allocated local static IP outside DHCP range. 

I will post .csd file as soon as I get to my computer.


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