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I have a ESP-88 and it was on FW 4.62. By mistake i opened it with CS 3.2 and upgraded to 3.2 FW. By the time i realised that I have clicked wrongly, it was already upgrading - downgrading to FW 3.2.

Now after reboot, the status light is RED and it won't ping default ip

Can  I do a factory reset ?

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Hello Farrukh,

For the ESP88/00 you can update the firmware via the serial port (long process).

Download attached application "CSSerialUpdate.exe" and save it the bin folder (by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.4\bin"

Make a serial connection between you PC and the ESP88.
Do not power the ESP88 yet.

Start "CSSerialUpdate"
Select COM port
Select the correct firmware (esp_v4.630.frm)
Click on Update
Power the ESP88
Update process should start



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