Is is possible to "default" to a specific parameter set after a parameter is selected?

For example: I have 4 parameter sets: System On, Daily Use, Concert, & System Off.

Sys on & Sys off both trigger a power sequencer with GPO on/off.
when Sys on is selected, and the equipment gets powered on, can the parameter switch to another set?

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Hello Cliff,

It is not possible to invoke a Pset-2 via Pset-1.

Is there a special reason why not add the setting of Pset 2 to Pset1?

A workaround could be to wire GPO-1 to GPI-1.

  • Add the GPO-1 On state to Pset-1
  • Add your settings to Pset-2
  • Add Pset-2 to GPI-1 (digital) ON state
  • Add the GPO-1 OFF state to Pset-3
  • Add your settings to Pset-4
  • Add Pset-4 to GPI-1 (digital) OFF state
  • Add Pset-1 and Pset-3 to the CC64
    (See attached design file)




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