Hi, we would like to know if this is bug / fixed  or not..



  • Customer complaint; ESP-1240 no mic output
  • Turning ON in the morning.  sound check in afternoon and realized there was not output. 
  • Installer visited and checked CSD config. They found that there was no output (no signal indication) from “Matrix1”,
  • While “AMM” output is ok - meter showing outoput signal.
  • They reboot ESP and symptom is gone, works OK for now.
  • They own 2pcs, but only 1pcs shows this symptom.



  • controller ; CC-64(no complex config. Quite simple…)
  • Customer’s ESP-1240(FW ver.1.615)
  • Customer’s CSD(ver.4.42_005)
  • Please refer the attached CSD file too


please kindly refer the attached pics and CSD for more details.

Best regards,



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Hi Ayumi,

I tested your file in 4.42 with the same firmware, same hardware. I am unable to replicate this issue. 

You mentioned the installer had rebooted the system and it's working, correct? Is this something they've had to do more than once? 

I will continue to test this file today to see if something changes. 

Thank you,


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