Hi All, I am working with  a new ESP-00 and Dante card. The system is telling me that the firmware is out of date, and pointing me to the .exe file called IOCardPgm. This app tells me that the latest version of the Dante for ESP-00, DNC-E is V8, yet I have V2 in the Bin >Dante Firmware folder. 

Could you suggest a way forward please?

thanks, Steve 

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Hello Steve,

The DNC-E v 2.000.dnt in the Bin>Dante>Dante Firmware folder is the actual Dante firmware.
The IOCardPgm v8 firmware is the firmware for the carrier card.

So please run IOCardPgm (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.4\bin\IOCardPgm) as administrator and make sure you are connected to the ESP RJ45 (and not the Dante RJ45).

Please see also: "Update the ESP-00/88 Dante carrier card firmware"




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