Hi Arno

I need your opinion / suggestion
I have a room 8x12 meters. In all corners EdgeMax 90 and 2x EdgeMax 180 at the length of 12 meters.

What is the best cabling solution?
1 Ch. front left
2 Ch. front middle
3 Ch. front right
4 Ch. rear left with Delay
5 Ch rear middle with Delay
6 Ch rear right with Delay

>> with an LCR Gain block
Or : Completely mono sound reinforcement.
1 Ch. front (left, middle, right)
2 Ch rear with delay (left, middle, right)

Or: I work without delay.
1 Ch Left Front and Rear
2 Ch middle front and rear
3 Ch right front and rear

Thanks for your tip


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Hi Hubi,

My recommendation would depend on the purpose of this room.

Since you're asking about discrete channels, delays, "Left/Center/Right" control, I assume you want to do surround sound. (?)

If so, cabling is done discretely (home runs from each speaker to the amp, each to a different amp output). We recommend 18 AWG to 14 AWG 2-conductor wire.

Delays likely won't be needed with this size room. 

For a conference room or for something more 'general purpose', I would run this in mono. Also with no delays. Using a 70V/100V amp, you could daisy-chain these, so the need for more output channels is not needed, and you would use far less cabling. 1 or 2 wire runs could handle the whole load, depending on allowed wattage on each output. 

Best regards,


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