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Normally, Dante audio transmit channels should be able to be routed to any other Dante receiving channels or cards. In some cases it's with minimal to no control (i.e. mic/line level switching).

However, on Yamaha's website, they seem to list their stage boxes as compatible only with "Yamaha TF mixers with Dante cards".. So I can't guarantee compatibility with our Dante-enabled products. You could contact them for further detail on this specification, as the spec might only pertain to control over the input/output signals, and not audio subscriptions. 

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Hi JeffAlex2Chris,

I can confirm that this is working solution. We have 1280C with 2 Yamaha's TIO stage boxes in our current project. Make sure you have the latest firmware on stage box and you can use Yamaha R-Remote software to control specific functions as gain and power. Channel mapping is done with Dante Controller, in CSD you just use the subscribed channels.

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