I can Ping my Dante End Point Bose EP22D on my Laptop. But its not showing Either on Dante Controller or Control Space Designer. Any solution? It's a switched Fiber optic Network. End points are 100 meters away from Server Room.  


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Hi Amol,

In order for the EP22D to have a static IP address now, I assume you were originally seeing it in Dante Controller or ControlSpace Designer. Did the problem happen just after setting the new IP and rebooting the device? 



-It's sharing the same IP address as another device on the network. Try to isolate it from other network devices or bridged networks. If it becomes visible, change the IP to a unique address.

-If it can't be pinged after isolating it from other network devices, it's possible that it's still in DHCP (default mode), and it was another device using when you were pinging. Try a DHCP server in this case.

-Antivirus software on the laptop could be blocking the ports used by Dante Controller or ControlSpace Designer. Try adding them to a list of trusted applications.

If these do not help, please let us know a bit more detail. 

Thank you,


Mr. ChrisJ,

Thank you for your reply.

I have already tried this. When I connect that same device to local Network switch then I can control that device on dante controller. But Same device I put on fiber optic network its starts pinging but not visible on dante controller. 

We are using a network where thousands of DHCP and static devices are connected in a network. I think its a problem of Network only.  So now I have decided to separate our Network For Dante Devices only.  

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