Dante esp to analog amplifier


Maybe I am missing something here....(and this is not meant to offend Masroor) but if the analog output of the ESP is already available, why would you not just send the signal directly to the Analog output (or Amplink if available) and eliminate the Dante output?

I thought maybe he had a remote amplifier that he wanted to run Dante to and convert it locally. In a case like that, you could use a EP22 or several other options by Audinate and others. The use of Dante here seems to be unnecessary. Maybe Masroor can explain more of what he is attempting to do.


Hi Bruce,

thank you for replying also.

I was offline also in contact with Masroor and provide more information on Dante as he is now to the "Dante world".
And yes, you are right, if the amplifier is placed decentralized, he can use the EP22 to convert Dante to analog (or converters from other brands).


Hello Bruce, Arno

Good morning,

First, thank you for your support.

As per Arno reply yes we can give directly dante in to analog out and from analog out to amplifier.

But if the amplifier is not near to the esp than can we give the esp dante out to ep22 through dante and take analog out from EP22 to give the freespace amplifier powershare amplifier?

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