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I was under the impression that control would now pass through a Dante Card (PMDSANTE) into a PowerMatch amplifier when using the Dante Card in Switched mode. Recently I have found that the only way to achieve control is to use the card in Redundant mode and physically patch across to the network control port on the Amp. Has this always been the case and is there any mode/setting that I needed to use to achieve control via Primary Dante port on these Amps?  

Many Thanks, Steve 

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Hi Steve,

In the PowerMatch (just like in the ESP00), PM control and Dante are separated.
So in order to control the PowerMatch, you can:

Connect the PM network port and the Dante network port to the network (will cost 2 network ports on the switch)
Connect the Primary Dante network port to the network and patch cross the secondary Dante network port to the PM network port (Dante mode: switched or legacy).


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