CSR builder 2.5 - Frequent app crashes in graphics heavy project


Our designer is setting up a remote app for a restaurant, and she's ran into a problem. Randomly, but always right after adding a new element (Pset, image, frame etc.) the CSR Builder app vanishes - no fault codes or error messages, it looks just the same as if one were to close a saved project normally.

She managed to finish the project by hunting down and killing all 32 bit apps running on her PC, so it seems she somehow ran out of RAM. Currently, the app is running stable at 450 MB RAM usage, not changing noticeably when adding more non-graphic elements.

Any experts out there with do's and don'ts regarding graphics use? 

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Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay.

In the past we have seen issue with large images ( not when adding Psets, Frames ) in CSR client and that dependent on the hardware configuration of the remote device.

With CSRbuilder I haven't seen any issue you are describing.

Is it possible to send me the CSR design file and the images you needed to use?



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